The Dusty P. Story 


Who is Dusty P.?

Complacency. You know what that it feels like to be stagnant, to know there was once a time in the past when you were more productive, more energized, more alive.  Now, you're barely coasting, merely existing.

This is what our featured artist, Josh Guillame AKA Dusty P., had been experiencing for far too long.  He hadn't been making music anymore and stopped creating altogether.  That was, until a near-death experience pushed him off the shelf, where he had been collecting dust.  After that day, he realized it was time to get to work.

This vignette tells the origin story of Dusty P. and what it feels like to shake the cobwebs from the corners of your life.


I Can't Collect Dust Anymore.

The Origin Story

When he was 14 years old, his older cousin, Rich, lived with him. Rich would make beats on the computer in his room and Josh would invite his friends over and they'd freestyle to his music. After doing that for a while, Josh started getting curious about changing up the beats and began to mess with Rich's songs.  Eventually, Rich caught him and realized Josh was changing all of his music.  Rich sat him down and told him that he would teach Josh how to produce his own songs so that he would stop messing with Rich's.  That moment changed Josh's life forever.

Rich teaching Josh how to create music is a major touchstone for his life. Josh reveals that he can trace every step he's taken since back to that moment. He began making his own beats and everyone really enjoyed his music. Though his boys would often encourage Josh to rap with them, he felt more comfortable behind the keyboard.  When Josh went to college, he became friends with a kid named Ricky.  Then Josh heard Ricky rap one night and the second highlight of his life occurred.  Ricky rapped in such a way that it made Josh think and he was incredibly impacted by his lyrics. He realized rapping could be the self-expression he had always longed for.

What's the allure of making hip-Hop?

In everyday life, people may perceive Josh as calm and reserved. However, the passionate fire he feels shut up in his bones is in complete contrast to that image. Making hip-hop music affords Josh, as Dusty P., the ability to communicate so much more than the words that he speaks.  His music's beat and tempo allow him to express his bravado, confidence, and attitude. The song, "Disrespectful," reveals some of the feelings Josh normally contains.  Here's a few bars that reveal Josh expressing himself through his Dusty P. persona:

All I hear is “Where’s the new tape, is it coming soon?”

“I heard you got a video, when’s that joint gon get on the tube?”

Quiet! Do you rush a baker on the soufflé?

Do you pull out the ring soon as she catch that bouquet? (Nah)

I don’t think so, while dummies chasing rainbows

I said fuck gold and made chasing passion my main goal.

And that’s something you could wait for.

Josh counts himself lucky that he's found a way to express himself in an authentic way. He feels it's a great relief to be able to put himself out there in a way that feels true to who he is.

He thinks of himself as a one-man rock band, in that he creates his own beats, raps his own lyrics, and mixes his own music. He even created the cover art for his first mixtape, Me & My Shadow. Seeing a project through, start to finish, offers a huge feeling of accomplishment once the work is complete.


This artist taps into the suppressed emotions that most of us are forced to stifle each day in order to behave politely in our world. Enjoy Dusty P.'s "Disrespectful" directed by Tony Willis, produced by Sons of the Guardian.



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